Over 50 years, being market leader in the manufacture and engraving of cylinders Roll-tec has advanced engraving technology used in automotive, glass, leather, plastic, furniture, packaging, printing, fabrics, non-woven, mirrored cylinders.


The Tissue paper market in the world grows steadily, which means that the demand for quality and the exigency for new developments in Tissue paper embossing are increasing, and Roll-Tec has improved its processes to meet this demand. Roll-Tec has the know-how in the cylinder engraving market and a team specialized in the technical assistance for the assembly of cylinders in the conversion of Tissue, attending with satisfaction and excellence the largest converters Tissue Paper in the world.

Types of Cylinders

  • Steel Embossing Roll
  • Rubber Embossing Roll
  • Cliché Roll
  • Anilox Ceramic Roll
  • Marrying Roll
  • Invisible Edge Embossing
  • Paper Cylinder
  • Accessories (bearings, berings house and gears)

Mirrored Cylinders

Roll-tec has just added to its portfolio the manufacture of mirrored chromed rolls. They are mainly used in extrusion of rigid plates and films of PP, PS, PET, PE, PVC, PEAD. They offer process stability and productivity lowering thickness variation and raw material economy.
  • Higher hardness than conventional bimetallic cylinders
  • Extremely accurate
  • Long life duration
  • Internal structure to allow temperature exchange
  • Other engraved rollers

    Roll-Tec technology is present in several market segments: automotive (plastic and textile), glass, leather, polyethylene and polypropylene films, laminated films, woven industry, lamination of acrylic plates, furniture industry. Roll-Tec develops embossing solutions guaranteeing maximum quality in the engraved artworks.
    • Automotive
    • Glass
    • Leather
    • Plastic
    • Packaging / Printing
    • Woven
    • Non-Woven