Engraved Steel Embossing

The engraved steel cylinders are specialty of Roll-tec. They give essential characteristic to the product/material through relief and texture. Usually these cylinders are used in the paper industry, automotive, packaging, fabrics, non-woven, plastics/synthetics, leather, glass. These cylinders are highly precise made with very small tolerances of circularity, parallelism and eccentricity.

Mirrored Cylinders

Chromed cylinders have very high mechanical strength, reaching a high surface hardness measured in HRC. The surface finish reaches roughness measured in μ Ra. Mainly used in rigid sheet extruders and films of PP, PS, PET, PE, PVC, PEAD.

Ceramic Anilox Cylinder

Substrate dosing cylinder, only engraved by a Laser process because its coating is extremely hard. It has an anti-oxidant protect coating, which eliminates any possibility of the displacement. They can be engraved with a line count up to 600 LPC.

Super Calander / Paper

Used to produce napkins in paper X steel embossing process. They are manufactured with a central shaft and coated with a special wool paper which increases its durability and ease once engraving it.

Invisible Edge Embossing

Technology patent required by Roll-Tec present in the Tissue paper converting lines. It’s a new concept of glue-free lamination with diverse operational benefits such as no speed restriction, low maintenance and unaltered quality throughout the log. Unlike the traditional crimping systems, the invisible Edge Embossing does not limit the pattern choice in the final embossed product.

Rubber embossing rolls

Responsible for embossing the material against the engraved cylinder. These are constructed in a metal base and coated with rubber, with various hardness. It’s in direct contact with the steel engraved cylinder. Manufactured with circularity and eccentricity tolerances in thousandths of millimeters, they are generally rectified with a crown in order to compensate deflection of the steel rolls.

Structured cylinders with
heating or refrigeration system

Cylinders that have internal structures to allow fluids to perform thermal exchange, through heating or cooling, are essential and widely used in the plastic (heating) and glass (refrigeration) industries.

Marrying Roll

This cylinder is present in the Tissue paper converting lines with function to join the tissue plies. It is made with a metal base and a very hard rubber cover. It is in direct contact with the embossed steel of embossing cylinder. Manufactured with circularity parallelism and eccentricity in very high precision.


Responsible for transferring the substrate to the final material. This cylinder has a metal base, covered with an especific rubber. It’s in direct contact with the anilox roller and the steel embossing cylinder. Manufactured with circularity parallelism and eccentricity in very high precision.

Woolen Super Calender Rolls (paper rolls)

This cylinder has a very special and technical manufacturing process, with applied machineries to produce texture in specials papers. It is call Super Calender because by the large dimensions they have.


of steel rollers

Aiming savings, Roll-Tec works with re-engraving service in existing steel cylinders. Through the dimensional recovery process, the cylinder returns to its original manufacturing characteristics.

Gears, bearing housing and accessories

In addition to cylinders, Roll-Tec manufactures and repairs accessories used in the embossing line. Drive gears, bearings housing, spacers, wedges, among others.


Roll-Tec has two CNC precision grinding machines for medium and large rollers that achieve circularity, eccentricity and parallelism precision reaching thousands of millimeters. It attends all types of rollers (steel, rubber, ceramic) and all types of formats (crown, convex, parallel)


With 03 chrome tanks, 02 copper tanks and 01 plasma metallization machine, Roll-Tec works with hard chrome, matt chrome, superfine chrome, gloss-chrome plating, electrolytic copper, ceramic coating and carbide tungsten.

Laser Engraving

The only company in Latin America to have 02 laser engraving equipment. These machines have a very high resolution, resulting in a high quality and accurate engraving. This high resolution also allows engraving different types of dots, which guarantees a high performance in the various products of the Roll-Tec’s production line. It has a large production capacity, producing cylinders up to 850mm in diameter, 6300mm in length and 6 tons of weight.

Manufacture of blank cylinders with complete machining rollers process

Roll-Tec manufacture the complete blank cylinder, starting from the purchase of the raw material to the machining/construction of metal base used for rubber embossing rolls, marrying roll, cliché, ceramic anilox, polished anilox, mirrored cylinders in addition to the engraved steel cylinder.