Innovation Center and Customer Service

Technical assistance

Roll-Tec offers a service of technical assistance that counts on a team of trained and specialized professionals from the assembly to the operating of the quality of engraving in the costumer, guaranteeing the efficiency and quality of the supplied product.

Preventive maintenance service on embossing units is also the focus of the Technical Assistance team.


The lab trial is an important tool for its clients, being essential for the development of new and advanced processes. It conducts various analysis on the quality cylinder engraving, assisting in the final decision of artwork, test of materials, designs and marketing aspects.

This center has two independent and lamination units, 3D scanner and equipments to analyze and help the quality control of the final product.



Roll-Tec's design team is committed to constant change and follows the market trends, innovating in the artwork development and embossing technologies for the different types of segments, obtaining guaranteed satisfaction of its clients. Artworks are designed specifically for every need.