Roll-tec invests in state-of-the-art laser engraving technology and modernizes its ceramic anilox
28 de June de 2018
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Roll-tec presents the new product testing laboratory

To better meet the needs and expectations of customers, Roll-tec now has a new space for the product testing laboratory, one of the improvements that the company has been making in recent months.

Roll-Tec’s commitment to continuous improvement in processes, product and technology is nothing more than an understanding of customer needs and expectations to meet them.

Aiming at this, it offers to the market the service of laboratory of tests of products, that now owns a new space, more ample and equipped.

The testing laboratory is an important tool for its customers, being essential for the development of new and advanced processes.

He conducts various analyzes on the quality of engraving of cylinders, assisting in the final decision of artwork, testing of materials, design and marketing aspects, aligned with trained professionals, technique and specific machines.