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28 de June de 2018
Roll-tec presents the new product testing laboratory
16 de August de 2018
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Roll-tec invests in state-of-the-art laser engraving technology and modernizes its ceramic anilox

A Roll-tec apresenta sua nova máquina de gravação a laser.

Equipment with state-of-the-art technology, serves the tissue segment in the production of steel embossing cylinders and ceramic anilox cylinders.

This equipment has a circumferential resolution of 1 million pixels, resulting in a high quality and accurate recording, allowing recordings with different types of dots and shapes, which guarantees hygienic papers, towels and napkins, smoothness gain, diameter increase , firmness and endurance.

It has great productive capacity, producing cylinders of 850mm in diameter, 6300mm in length and 6 tons.

Roll-tec produces ceramic anilox cylinders with the most modern coating on the market. Developed over the years, the new premium hardness coating ensures greater durability and roll life, as well as improving the transfer of the adhesive, thus avoiding clogging of the cells and gaining cleaning time.

How the laser anilox cylinder is engraved

The thermolaser disintegrates the ceramic forming the geometrically perfect cells with great finishing of their walls and bottom. The fusion that takes place inside the cells, vitrifies the coating, exempting the same from porosity and roughness.

Antioxidant layer

Another differential of Roll-tec is the antioxidant layer applied in its ceramic aniloxes. The applied layer has 0.00% porosity, eliminating any possibility of oxidation and consequently the displacement of the ceramic coating.